After a week of sea trials at Lake Garda, the recommendation of the working party is in, and the recommendation is the “iFoil” concept. We are extremely excited by this decision which followed a long period of hard work and preparations.

This is excellent news for windsurfing in general and for the future generations of racers to come. Foiling has evolved quickly to allow racing in conditions we normally would see as unsuitable and has brought a whole new dimension into windsurfing. We see this as a great day for our sport.

“Following comprehensive on-water testing and evaluation against the approved criteria, the Working Party recommends the selection of the Starboard iFoil as the equipment for the windsurfer events in 2024.“

The recommendation will now go to a final vote by the representatives of all countries (MNA’s). And if the vote is in favor of iFoil, we can expect to see foiling in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games!

The iFoil set includes our Hyper Glide Olympic sail which was designed specifically for this purpose. It was an offshoot of our successful Hyper Glide and Hyper Glide 2 sail, which has been dominant in foil racing with Gonzalo Costa Hoevel winning the 2018 World Title.

The Hyper Glide Olympic surprised the working party during the sea trials and the general feedback was great. After this intensive testing week and extensive review, the working party has decided that that the iFoil package and hereby also the Hyper Glide Olympic is ready to go Olympic.

The iFoil will be a multi-manufacturer One Design class. Licensed third-party brands can produce and sell the iFoil package under their own branding.

It is important to point out that, while the Hyper Glide Olympic sail is an evolution of the Hyper Glide 2 sail, our R&D team is working intensely on further evolutions of the Hyper Glide 2 to accommodate next level PWA and course racing.

is not a new version of the Hyper Glide 2, but a specific Olympic sail. Our R&D team is working intensely on new versions of our Hyper Glide series to accommodate PWA slalom foil racing and course racing.

You can download the report by the working party by following this link>>