The 2024 Olympics will include foiling on the iFoil package by Severne and Starboard.

This year’s world sailing conference in Bermuda was particularly interesting for the windfoiling world. After a successful round of sea trials at Lake Garda late September, the recommendation of the working party came out in favor of the iFoil package which includes the Severne Hyper Glide Olympic foil sail.

This wasn’t the end of the road though. The recommendation still had to be put up for the vote at this year’s World Sailing conference. The final vote also came out in favor of the iFoil package and was ratified at this year’s World Sailing AGM.

We are very excited about this result, and to see the positive outcome of months of hard work and dedication by our team.

The Hyper Glide Olympic is a first of its kind. It is an offshoot of our successful Hyper Glide and Hyper Glide 2 sail, which has been dominant in foil racing with Gonzalo Costa Hoevel winning the 2018 World Title.

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