Traveling in South West Australia


Western Australia is pure adventure when the season is on. The sheer amount of spots you’re able to sail is insurmountable while adventure awaits you on any given day.

As the new generation of Aussie rippers is knocking on that door, three of them found themselves teaming up to chase the best conditions, and to go as big as possible. 

Margaret River local Grom Jake Ghiretti, Perth local Olliver Desforges, and Quinn Auricht from South Australia got together at a youth event in Geraldton mid-season and decided to hit up any event, big forecast, or adventure that might come up.

The timing was just right; back in Margaret River, Scott McKercher was eyeing the forecast for a South West strike mission; and decided to call it on. As the winds were fading further north and the temperatures were getting sky-high, the south seemed like the place to be!

Within an hour, he had gathered a full crew to accompany him, including Jake, Ollie, and Quinn. The destination was Peaceful Bay in South West Australia.

Now going spot hunting in Western Australia isn’t always a straightforward game. Many spots are inaccessible unless you’re driving a 4X4 and in many cases also have experience driving on terrain and beaches. This trip would include all of it.

Before going offroad the group gathered to take pressure out of the tires and to get supplies. From then on, it was a full on adventure.


The drive there was not for the faint-hearted. Most of the road is just sand, but eventually, you’ll get to small hills and obstacles that make driving challenging. But occasionally it was worth it to stop for a moment and enjoy some magnificent views.

After multiple small setbacks, the crew made it to the spot and were greeted with peeling logo to mast high waves and cross offshore winds.

Within minutes, the rigging game was on, and not long after, everybody was on the water.

What then unfolded was hours of nonstop “all-in” action. Eager to one-up each other, there were no holds barred for the groms as they displayed a mix of impressive sailing and huge wipeouts. Safe to say they were having a lot of fun.

The video

Of course, we recorded the action. Here’s a brief clip filled to the brim with action from that day in South West Australia. Check it out right here below.

And what better way to finish off a session? well if you’re Jake, Ollie, and Quinn, then it’s a round of noodles. 

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