Coaching in Tarifa

The participants at Sebastian Kördel’s first ever foil clinic got treated to four full days of coaching and sailing in great foil conditions in Tarifa. The clinic was held March 14-21. 

Sebastian reports

Due to Covid-19 regulations in Spain, the group size was restricted to four participants which made it a small clinic. However, this enabled me to focus on the needs of every single participant which made everyone delighted with how the clinic went. They all gave positive feedback and are eager to come back to Tarifa again for another clinic in the future.

I could showcase the 2021 Severne racing sails giving the participants the chance to have a go for themselves to experience the agility, lightweight and overall performance of Severne sails.

After giving the first theory class, explaining the basic physics of the foil and the interconnected trim options of the whole system, the focal points of the clinic were discussed and agreed upon. Besides gybing and tips for top speed, it was interesting to see that the participants were also heavily interested in the light wind pumping technique. Another point that came up was general control on the straight and how to react in extreme situations when losing that control.

It seems like when people start foiling they are quick to get flying but then stay stagnant in a state of being just a passenger on the board in contrast to having it fully under control. During this clinic, I learned how to best teach this control and will incorporate it into future guides.

During the coaching on the water, the participants were filmed with a camera from the beach and when I was in a direct coaching position, following the participant, I also filmed with an action cam. This footage was used in the debriefing to consolidate the learned movements and for the participants to see their own mistakes from a third-person point of view. On top of that footage of myself sailing that same day was used as best practice examples.

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