The challenge is on – fin & foil

The Dunkerbeck Speed challenge is back with a virtual tour that extends throughout the 2021 season and includes foiling and other new initiatives.

Event press release

The Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge crew have made the following press release;

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions we decided to continue with the online format and make it even bigger: The Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Virtual Global Tour consists of 3 events:
Period 1:  Gran Canaria Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge 01.04. – 31.05.21
Period 2: Summer Edition of the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge 01.07. – 31.08.21
Period 3: The Third 01.10. – 30.11.21
Each period will have its winner and rankings.
Also, we give a special topic to each period
Period 1: Who’s the fastest on 1/2hr sailing (a tribute to Defi long distance race)
Period 2: Who’s the fastest alpha racer (summer fun, good vibes)
Period 3: Who’s the fastest on 500 m (because it’s the Lüderitz World record time)
In each Period we will award Top 3 in the following categories:
OPEN Male & Female
Grand Master (51-60)
Super Master (61-70)
UltimateMaster (71-99)
Youth (0-10)
Junior (11-14)
Junior Plus (15-18)
Foil (

To equal the differences between windsurf spots, we’ll also raffle in prices between all competitors.

How to take part

Taking part in the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge Virtual Global Tour is free. You just need to create an account on or (same account works on both websites)
By uploading your session on to the platform you enter the ranking.

Read more about subscribing here;

A list of approved GPS devices can be found on

More information

Stay up to date with the latest from the Dunkerbeck Speed Challenge by visiting their Facebook page.

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