Successful week for team Severne

After a long absence, the PWA Pozo World Cup has resurfaced with a bang. Philip Köster, hungry for victory, dominated to take the win in the mens fleet while Daida Moreno beat her sister, Iballa Moreno, in a superfinal to take the win in the womens fleet. And equally important; a strong youth generation is on the rise.


Pozo world cup is back

It’s been a few years without any major contest activity in Pozo, Gran Canaria. With Bjorn Dunkerbeck in the organisers’ seat, the event has found itself back onto the world stage; and has attracted the best windsurfers from around the world once again.

A full fleet of 48 men and 18 women registered for the 2022 edition of the event. And not to forget a stacked youth and juniors fleet.

Daida and Iballa Moreno are first and second

Already legends of the sport, they’ve got dozens of titles between them. The “Moreno Twins” showed an incredible performance all the way throughout the single and double elimination. The conditions were light and tricky during the single elimination which, unlike the classical Pozo conditions, required bigger sails and boards. Iballa was able to beat her sister to get an early lead in the contest. On the very last day, the conditions truly switched on, giving riders and spectators a glimpse of the classical Pozo conditions. This time, Daida was able to beat Iballa twice in the double elimination win the overall contest with a solid performance.

For German Severne rider Lina Erpenstein, the single elimination didn’t go to plan as she got eliminated by young team buddy Sol Degrieck from Belgium. When the double elimination came around, it was game time for Lina. Boosting high stalled forward loops and stylish wave rides, Lina worked her way back through the ranks, only to be stopped by Sara-Quita Offringa for the battle for third place; and Lina had to settle with fourth place.


There were no doubts throughout the whole contest, that Philip Köster meant business. From the very beginning, Philip was netting massive heat results with high-scoring wave and jump scores across the board riding his signature Pyro wave board and Blade Pro sails in nearly all sizes.

In the single elimination final, Philip faced off Victor Fernandez in an epic heat where most of the top end moves were pulled off from both sides. Ultimately, Philip took the win with a near five point lead leaving no doubts as to who the winner was.

The double elimination was only slightly different as Marcilio Browne went on a winning spree to work himself into the final to meet Philip. There would, however, be no super final as Philip once again filled his scoresheet with “push-forwards”, “double loops”, “stalled table doubles”, backed up with a solid wave riding score.


The Rise of the youth

One thing was evident during this year’s Pozo event; there is a new, strong generation on the rise;

Liam Dunkerbeck has entered a new level since he last competed in Pozo three years ago. He won the U20 division and finished at an impressive seventh place overall in the mens double elimination – taking out big names in the process.

Sol Degriek from Belgium, aged only 12, is already a force to be reckoned with. Riding the Severne Redback sails, and Pyro boards, Sol finished at an impressive ninth place overall.

“Tarifa twins” Lucia and Isabel Trivino Delgado, both Severne Redback and Pyro riders showed off skills and determination in super windy Pozo conditions that challenge even adult windsurfers.

Liam Dunkerbeck flying high over Pozo.

Sol Degriek looping in Pozo.


Result 2022 Gran Canaria PWA Windsurfing World Cup – Women’s Double Elimination

1st Daida Ruano Moreno (ESP | Severne / Severne Sails / Maui Ultra Fins)
2nd Iballa Ruano Moreno (ESP | Severne / Severne Sails / Maui Ultra Fins)
3rd Sarah-Quita Offringa (ARU | Starboard / NeilPryde / Maui Ultra Fins)
4th Lina Erpenstein (GER | Severne / Severne Sails)
5th Justyna Sniady (POL | North Sails / Maui Ultra Fins) 

Current Ranking 2022 Gran Canaria PWA Windsurfing World Cup – U20 Girl’s
*After 1 Final

1st Alexia Kiefer Quintana (GER | Fanatic / Duotone)
2nd Isabel Trivino Delgado (ESP | Severne / Severne Sails)
3rd Julia Pasquale (ESP | Fanatic / Duotone)

Current Ranking 2022 Gran Canaria PWA Windsurfing World Cup – U17 Girl’s
*After 2 Finals

1st Maria Morales Navarro (ESP | Goya Windsurfing)
2nd Sol Degrieck (BEL | Severne / Severne Sails)
3rd Annagiulia Piccaglia (ESP)

Result 2022 Gran Canaria PWA Windsurfing World Cup – Men’s Double Elimination

1st Philip Köster (GER | Severne / Severne Sails / Black Project Fins)
2nd Marcilio Browne (BRA | Goya Windsurfing)
3rd Victor Fernandez (ESP | Fanatic / Duotone)
4th Ricardo Campello (VEN/BRA | Naish / Naish Sails) 
5th Thomas Traversa (FRA | Tabou / GA Sails)
6th Marino Gil (ESP | Goya Windsurfing)
7th Marc Paré (ESP | Fanatic / Duotone)
7th Liam Dunkerbeck (ESP | Starboard / Severne Sails / Black Project Fins)
9th Alessio Stillrich (ESP)
9th Leon Jamaer (GER | JP / NeilPryde)
9th Julian Salmonn (GER | Bruch Boards / GUNSAILS)
9th Robby Swift (GBR | JP / NeilPryde / SWOX)

Current Ranking 2022 Gran Canaria PWA Windsurfing World Cup – U20 Boy’s 
*After Single Elimination

1st Liam Dunkerbeck (ESP | Starboard / Severne Sails / Black Project Fins)
2nd Titouan Flechet (FRA | Tabou / Hot Sails Maui)
3rd Hakata Ishii (JPN | RRD / RRD Sails)
4th Nick Spangenberg (GER | JP / GUNSAILS / Maui Ultra Fins)

Current Ranking 2022 Gran Canaria PWA Windsurfing World Cup – U17 Boy’s 
*After Single Elimination

1st Tobias Bjørnaa (DEN | Fanatic / Duotone)
2nd Anton Richther (GER | JP / NeilPryde)
3rd Carlos Kiefer Quintana (GER | Fanatic / Duotone)
4th Grigoris Stathopoulos (GRE | Severne / Severne Sails)

Current Ranking 2022 Gran Canaria PWA Windsurfing World Cup – U15 Boy’s
*After 1 Final

1st Peter Gobisch (GER | Fanatic / Duotone)
2nd Arthur Van de Brande (BEL | RRD / RRD Sails)
3rd Javier Escribano Toribio (ESP | Quatro / Goya Windsurfing)



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