First test

Severne rider and 2015 PWA Freestyle World Champion Dieter Van der Eyken just received his new Predator freestyle foil board and has already been spending hours on it. Here is his first impression.

Dieter reports

Just before the PWA World Cup in France, I took a little escape trip to Tenerife to warm up after having spent a fairly cold autumn in Belgium. 

Only traveling with a single board bag and mainly light winds on the forecast it looked like a perfect week to try the new Severne Predator 95 for the first time. I had only heard good feedback about the Predator so far.

Living in Tenerife there are not too many days with light winds for foiling, but during the second day of my trip, I could unpack my new Predator 95 and give it a great test run during a great sunset session as the wind started to fill in for the next days.

With the inboard straps, the Predator feels the closes you can get to normal windsurfing in terms of responsiveness and the stance you have on the board.

In a straight line, the board is super comfortable and really easy going making you fly over the water at ease. Then in the gybes, it’s a bit more responsive/technical for example the Alien 115, but once you get used to it you can use it to your advantage to almost surf down the swell here in Tenerife when making your gybe and get out at full speed.

However, what excited me the most about this board is the fact you really have the feeling you are on a normal windsurf board with a fin but then with a foil under it. This is something I personally always was missing with most boards out there since they are made more for comfort than for maneuverability. The more natural stance makes it super easy and inviting to go for more classic moves like the downwind and upwind 360s while also opening up the door for more modern Freestyle which I still need to get into. 

Overall I’m super impressed with the performance and looking forward to some lighter wind days over the winter to get even more time on the water with this setup and see where light wind Freestyle can take us!

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