Surf Hub Tenerife reopens its doors and plans for an activity-filled winter

After a tumultuous season on the Canary Islands, Surf Hub on the island of Tenerife is opening its doors once again in preparation for the winter season. Stacked with an impressive quiver of the latest Severne gear, Surf Hub has added Dieter Van der Eyken to host top-level clinics at one of the best spots in Europe.

Dieter Van der Eyken explains; The main reason to move to Tenerife was its consistent trade winds combined with the social aspect of the town El Medano itself. I’ve travelled to all the Canaries for competitions and always felt the most at home in Tenerife. It’s maybe not as windy as Gran Canaria for example but has still plenty of sailing days and Cabezo is by far one of my favourite waves in the canaries. 

Everything is within walking distance as well in the town and this makes it very convenient to combine my training for the world cups, work for Severne and my coaching in a time frame I wouldn’t be able to do anywhere else. Good weather all year round and the fact there are plenty of other sport possibilities like surfing or Mountain Biking for example on the island made it a very easy and good choice!

Advantages of joining a clinic with Dieter and Surf Hub Tenerife

Dieter explains further; “The setup of the centre is perfect with a quick entry to the spot and clear winds just upwind of the famous world cup spot El Cabezo. On low tide, the waves are always smaller and allow a very easy entry and exit of the water. There are different sailing conditions and this makes it accessible for nearly all levels.

With coaching 4 days out of a 6-day window we will be able to catch the best conditions of the week using Surf Hub as our base. This location is ideal for coaching on land and debriefing on the monitor inside from the different video sessions.

Clients who rent at the Surfhub will have access to the latest Severne gear on the market with a higher standard than nearly any other centre in the world. All sails are rigged on carbon booms, have the Severne RDM Blue mast in it and clients have the whole Severne board range at their disposal. This makes sure that clients can be on the best gear out there to improve their skills faster with a high-end approach.

What does Surf Hub offer which is different than other locations?

Besides the impressive gear on offer, the unique location of Surf Hub gives access to many different conditions within a small area making it suitable for a wide range of windsurfers.

Right in front of the centre, you’ll find mainly bump & jump conditions with clean consistent wind and plenty of space between the waves. This is ideal for improving your gybing, practising your first jumps or simply enjoy sailing up and down with nearly no other sailors around.

Further downwind, you’ll already find a few waves to practice your first wave rides or go for bigger jumps. There are 2 waves; the little beach break or the second bank called “the Medio”, both are easy to ride and are a great entry into wave sailing.

If you really want to push your wave sailing to the next level you can sail down to the world cup spot “El Cabezo”; at high tide, this wave really jacks up and creates a wave perfect for front side wave riding as well as for jumping. You do have to take care of some of the rocks so some guidance before hitting the water there is always advised. 

With accommodation possibilities directly behind the centre, you can avoid crowds whenever you want and simply have a five minute walk into the city centre to grab some dinner or a beer in one of the bars.

Q. What can people who join your clinics expect to learn?

Dieter answers;

It is fairly open to what participants can expect to learn depending on their goals and level. The coaching is divided into 3 levels to offer something for everyone, this is based on the time of the year and the expected conditions. With coaching four out of a six day window the chance for good conditions automatically increases. 

The main goal of the clinics is to spend as much time on the water but at the same time not overdo it on the first days so improvement can be made throughout the whole week and the clients don’t end up with open hands after day one. Coaching will be a mixture of on the water instructions, exercises on land and video analyses after the sessions.

In January the conditions, in general, are calmer than in the months of February and March. The wind is already fairly consistent but the waves can lack. This is why the first coaching dates are specifically aimed for people who have experience with sailing on the lakes, can sail comfortably in foot straps, harness and water start but want to be able to sail in wave sailing conditions. 

The aim will be to get the clients comfortable here with sailing on the open sea and give them insights on how to best handle different kind of conditions while helping improve their general sailing.

In February/March the winds generally get stronger and the waves improve. With dates around the low tide participating in these clinics will still be possible even without any previous experience on the sea yet but can sail well up and down on the lake, have no problem keeping heights, water starting & doing planning jibes. It is mainly aimed for an experienced sailor on the lake that wants to make the step over towards waves.

If you already have some wave experience but don’t want to sail “El Cabezo” necessarily this will also be a good time to improve your skills and get into your first jumps such as forwards loops & back loops or/and to improve your wave riding in an easy environment.

For those wanting to charge El Cabezo and really step up their wave riding/jumping, then the Advance Coaching week from the 08/03 – 13/03 is exactly what they would want to get involved in. Here I will cover anything from landing your first backloops to landing your first wave 360’s…anything is possible during this week’s clinic. It is designed for the more experienced wave sailor.

Need more information?

All detailed information can be found on the following link:

For any direct questions, you can get in touch with Dieter at his social media accounts.

Instagram: dieterb35

Facebook: DieterB35

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