With Europe having officially started their winter, the headquarters of Severne is in full motion to prepare the best gear for the upcoming season with the coastline of Western Australia being the perfect testing ground for it.

Photos by Nicolas Hess & 2Goat media

The main priority of this period in the year is to get as many hours in on the water as possible and try all of the latest prototypes in as many different conditions. Foiling is a big extra factor that came in since the beginning of this season and with its light wind ability now there is nearly not a day the Severne office doesn’t hit the water.

Be it on the river in Perth for an after-work foil session, a 3-day trip to one of the most famous waves in W.A. Gnaraloo or sailing Margeret River for some solid big wave action. Every forecast is chased and the prime topic in the office is then also where the next forecast will be the best.

Not only is our R&D team currently present in Australia, but also plenty of our Team riders have found the W.A. coastline to be the perfect training ground for the upcoming season.

Lina Erpenstein from Germany has made Australia her home for this winter as she decided to take a semester off from university to prepare well for the 2020 season. Spending most of her time north of Perth, the Erp has been caught ripping up waves in Gnaraloo and jumping high in Geraldton on different occasions. Board of choice for her is the Nano 77 teamed up with her S1 range, while on the flat days she enjoys spending time on the Psycho and the Freeks.

Jaeger Stone has had a long way to recover from his knee injury from October but has been spotted back on the water in full preparation for the 2020 season after one of his best seasons to date.

And freshly arrived for her first trip to W.A. is Oda Johanna who will be exploring the coastline for the upcoming 6 weeks together with Sarah-Quita.

Besides riders also distributors and shop owners have made their way to W.A. for the Australian summer. 

Over the first weeks of January, new Severne dealer of Denmark Mikkel Asmussen has been shown around W.A. for the first time in his life, sailing each day of his trip with a great diversity of conditions for Freeride, Foil and wave sailing he has been able to sail & give feedback on the latest Severne product.

Thomas Frener from Maximum surf has made W.A. his home over winter in the last years to enjoy the offseason and get tuned in with the latest Severne gear during his 4 month stay.


Philip is known to be a big fan of Australia and always finds his way to W.A. even when it’s for a short time, such as on this occasion where he visited the Severne crew for a 3-day stay scoring conditions in Geraldton and Green Head. 

With Many more riders and distributors still to come over to Australia our endless search for making the best gear out there to make your next windsurfing even better continues.

So far the season has been firing and with the forecast lining up good for the following days, it’s time to load up the vans with the latest prototypes & hit the water ones more.

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