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Way back in Dec 2019, Simon Bornhoft tried and tested the new Severne Alien & Redwing Foil set up at Severne HQ in Perth. Having now had one of the early release Aliens for the last month, it is time to hear about what to expect from this addition to the Severne range. Plus, we get some impressions from Simon’s Windwise clients who were lucky enough to have had their first run on the Alien. Here is the story in Simon’s own words.

Whether you’re looking at ‘giving foiling a go’ or you’re already a foiling fan, everyone is basically looking for the same thing, easy balanced lift to get ‘high’ as soon as possible and then steady, controlled, first-class inflight entertainment. Plus, you want that feeling of secure steering where you want to go, rather than the board abducting you!  Newcomers seek a fearless first flight and long haul specialists crave foiling gybes. Without question, the Alien and the RedWing foil deliver both. You will love it!

Basically, the RedWing is pretty much effortless to get up and foiling on and then, when you’re airborne, you’ll soon (1-2 hrs with a little guidance) learn to cruise with ease and control. Those who’ve struggled with foiling in the past suddenly feel like they are ‘real foilers’. And as for the corners, I speak from first-hand experience, this beautifully balanced set up means there’s going to far more people foil gybing out there!

Scared Of Touch Downs? 
The rocker line and nose shape on the Alien, has similar qualities to boards like the Severne Dyno. The lifted shoulders and greatly elevated nose rocker are super forgiving for ‘touch downs’, which increase confidence at both low and high speeds, taking the fear of the ‘known’ away!

It’s essentially a quality compact, super user friendly Windsurf Foiling set up that offers first and old timers the ease, thrills and possibilities to master foiling and foil gybing quickly. I believe this will help you develop the skills to go where you never thought you would ever venture! So yes, the Alien has landed, but it much prefers to be flying and so will you!”

Don’t Fear The Unknown! Windwise Client Feedback 

There’s nothing better than putting someone on your own kit and watching pure joy exude. The facial expressions are usually the first give away and then simply seeing if there’s truly a difference on the water. It’s pretty easy to tell if it’s a win or not. On one of our recent Freeride session in Prasonisi, we introduced some Windwise warriors to the Alien! Their responses say it all…..

“Having tried several different foils and boards in the process of learning to windfoil, I found the Severne Alien foil and board combo by far the easiest to get on the foil with significantly quicker flight speed and stability than the others.” Ben Brain

Ben Brain rides the new Alien board and RedWing foil combo.

“So easy! Second day of trying to foil and I was struggling to get flying on a well respected brand of foil. I then jumped on the Severne for a demo and I was immediately flying! After a few runs I was in sustained flight. Regretted handing it back!” Ashley Piele

“I had the chance to try foiling for the very first time on SV Alien & Redwing foil, within an hour I was able to get pretty stable with long flights and started to go for some gybes” Severyn Sosnowski

Severyn Sosnowski rides the new Alien board and RedWing foil combo.

“I’m no expert, but I’ve sailed a number of different foils, and the Severne is, without doubt, the easiest to fly, and the most forgiving once up, without any apparent loss of manoeuvrability or top-end speed. The Foilglide is a joy too: light, powerful and stable. Well done Severne!” Peter Larcombe

Any questions about learning to foil or the Severne Alien & RedWing you can contact Windwise at

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