2021 Severne & Rene Egli test week

In the month of September 2021, we will invite the guests of Rene Eglí in Fuerteventura to join us for a week of windsurfing, gear test, and fun with the Severne team. The event will take place from September 15-18 2021 and will be free for the rental clients of Rene Eglí. You can book yourself into the 2021 test week by contacting the Rene Eglí team directly at info@rene-egli.com

The Severne team will be present with some of the newest gear suited for a spot like Sotavento beach and will fill participants in on all of the latest and greatest from the Severne world.

Participants will be able to test out some of the latest Severne gear including selected prototypes, as well as, take advantage of daily briefings about equipment setup, tuning, techniques, and get an early preview of some of the latest windsurfing gear from the 2022 Severne gear range.

Topics could cover areas such as

  • How can I adjust the sail-trimming to my needs?
  • How to use a camber sail properly?
  • Which is the best position of the mast-foot?
  • Which boom height/harness line setting is the best for me?
  • Which footstrap position helps me improve my sailing?

There will also be a meet and greet at the Ginger bar at “INNSiDE by Melia Fuerteventura” for an informal evening of windsurfing chat and stories while we enjoy the great views of Sotavento beach.

At the end of the week, we will organize a simple race for all clients of Rene Eglí and participants of the test week, where the winner will take a prize sponsored by Severne.

With this program, participants will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the great surroundings of the Rene Eglí center and get a special insight into the world of Severne.


When: September 15-18 2021

Where: Rene Eglí Fuerteventura

Plan: Test some of the latest Severne gear. Learn all there is to know about the Severne product range and meet the team behind the brand. 

For any booking enquiries, contact the Rene Eglí team at info@rene-egli.com