With summer upon us and the PWA world tour kicking off soon in Gran Canaria, we caught up with Jaeger Stone who traveled from Australia to the Canary islands for the summer, to get an idea of what sort of gear he brings with him for a few months of sailing and competing. Jaeger already started off his season successfully by winning th 2019 edition of the Red Bull Storm Chase. Check out his comments here below:

What will you be bringing to the Canaries for summertime?

I’m bringing the following gear:

Severne S-1 Pros from 3.0 – 5.2
The new SV Enigma 140 – 190 wave boom
SV Cyclops carbon extensions
340 Gorilla masts
RDMRed 370 & 400 masts
Severne Primo and impact suits
Severne Air harness

I’ll basically have enough gear to rig 3-4 complete rigs, so I’m covered for all conditions during the days we’re competing. I’ll also have my 72 and 76L Starboard Ultrakodes and 79 Starboard AIR.

How many bags do you carry in total?
Traveling from Australia is really expensive and difficult with excess baggage. I travel with 3 bags from Australia, and thankfully Marcilio Browne takes two of my bags from Maui to Pozo for me, and I return the favor later in the year when traveling to Sylt from Tenerife. Generally, 4-5 bags, would love to travel with less but it sucks being caught out without spare gear or exactly what you need when competing.

Got any favorite sail size for wavesailing?
Hard to choose between 4.4 and 76L board or 4.0 and 72L. I think it depends on the place I’m sailing, how big the waves are and whether I’m focusing on jumping or wave riding. I’m pretty happy and comfortable on either of those set-ups though.

You mentioned you use the Cyclops extension. Which benefits do you see in using it?
I’m using the new SV Cyclops carbon extension. It’s so easy to rig and less fiddling around which means more time on the water.

Rumors are that you can rig up in less than a minute. Any truth to that and what’s the record to beat?
I’m not sure what my best time is but you can definitely rig under a minute (should be some video evidence out there I’m sure you’ll see soon) especially if you know your settings. It’s easy! Ben Severne is the person to beat!