Simon Bornhoft Windwise "year of the Dyno"

Posted by Dieter on Sun, 11/18/2018 - 12:07

After almost a full year of traveling, coaching and sailing in all kind of different conditions it was time to catch up with Simon Bornhoft from Windwise to gives us a insight on how his first year on the Dyno boards went.

Simon Bornhoft's 2018 report:

Over the last year I’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the world on our Windwise Technique Tour encountering flat water blasting in the Mediterranean, bump, jump and ride in the Canaries and more recently, stunning down the line waves sailing in Mauritius. And whether it’s mastering shorter boards, controlling air or making moves like ‘dry’ fast tacks, gybe variations or chucking it about in waves, we help everyone to get the best out of their time on the water.

Over the last year, the ‘office’ has been the Dyno 105L it’s been on every single trip and has proved itself as THE most versatile, forgiving and rewarding board I and so many of my clients have ever sailed! Everyone who tries it – LOVES IT!

Gybe After Gybe

When configured with a single fin and more outboard straps, the Dyno cuts through flat water and chop and is a stunning board to gybe! The single fin option makes the board directional, simple to sail. “It just goes and gybes itself, you’re cheating Simon!!” Claimed a delighted client after they discovered the blasting stability and just how many times they got round the corners.

Wave After Wave

Then, all you need is a quick pit stop and the same board, set up with inboard straps and the more grippy Tri-fin set up, suddenly becomes a nippy, turning machine which excels at all types of jumping, riding and just mucking about having a great time. When I leant it to Windsiwse client Amaury Lamy, we took him into Manawa on the Dyno! And, as he commented on his FB page, he had “The day of his life, probably due to the Dyno”.

I’ve sailed hundreds and hundreds of different boards and it’s the combination of the double concaves, the ‘right’ sporty rockerline, compact volume distribution and the very forgiving rails up front and pinched rails at the tail that give the Dyno a unique versatility that everyone seems to adore. They literally never want to give it back!

I look forward to bringing it to WA for our December Windwise sessions – come and join us for tune up!

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