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Posted on Tue 29th Nov 16

Western Australia Video "Desert Rat 2"
Hope you guys enjoy this, we scored some pretty sic conditions in WA this year, we actually did not video too much because we were all in the water most of the time but thanks to my travel buddies Fredrick Plantin and Ben Wood for picking up the... Read more

Posted on Thu 10th Nov 16

Team rider Ben Pallant showing his skills behind the camera, complimenting the talent he has on the water. Check out a recent trip of Severne riders in desert dreaming, including the top dog ripping himself! 

Posted on Wed 9th Nov 16

Home to me means so many things these days, my work, my family and my windsurfing have taken me all around the world but as i grow older and more settled into family and work life I have found the need to settle down and call somewhere home. Last year I have been lucky to have had the... Read more

Posted on Sun 6th Nov 16

Congratulations to Severne Team riders Rick Jendrusch and Maaike Huvermann for claiming the 2016 Dutch Wave Championships. With both sailors well resprected in Freestyle its great to see them both excelling in the waves combined.

Posted on Fri 9th Sep 16
Posted on Fri 9th Sep 16
Posted on Wed 31st Aug 16

Forrest Ladkin has just taken out 2x Aloha Classic Champ Morgan Noireaux! Fresh from being crowned AWT Pacasmayo Champion, we caught up with the young ripper to find out why he’s so god-damn good!


... Read more

Posted on Tue 23rd Aug 16
Posted on Tue 16th Aug 16
Posted on Thu 23rd Jun 16

Join Oda exploring Skandinavia in her most recent, uplifting clip!