The girls are ready to attack the PWA in Morocco

Posted by Dieter on Mon, 04/02/2018 - 10:14

The season has officially started and with a solid forecast for the second half of the week our teamriders are looking forward to start the 2018 season. This are their thoughts about the first event of the year in Morocco.

Iballa Moreno, reigning Wave world champion:

I'm very happy and proud to be here in Morocco for first PWA event of the season. Moulay is a very exotic place with great conditions. I'm really happy to see our friend Boujma organize the event and bring the PWA here for a Women's only wave event. I'm sure it will be a very complete and exciting season with Moulay, Gran Canaria, Tenerife , Sylt and possible other events this year. My goal is to try and do as good as I can.  I'm already looking forward to compete in these great conditions Moulay has to offer.

Daida Moreno, multiple wave world champion:

Moulay Bouzerktoun, what a nice place. Even though it was a mission to arrive here with all our gear (5 hours plane and 13 hours driving). We have sailed every day since we got here. It's my first time in Moulay and I really enjoy the conditions here. It's a easy to ride wave making it the perfect spot to push your limits. The accommodation and food is great with excellent service so we are hoping to have a great week ahead full of action! I'm really grateful to Boujmaa and his crew to put up this event, it's great to see all the girls at such a wonderful spot.  We have a good forecast ahead, so let's just go with the flow and have fun!.

Lina Erpenstein, 4th overall in 2017

I'm very excited about starting the 2018 competition season on a new spot in a new country. The conditions in Moulay are different to all the other tour stops of the year. This will make things super interesting, because there might be some totally different heats and results than usually. There are also a few new faces on the wave tour, so that's always cool to see. For me personally starboard tack isn't my favourite tack. But I was lucky enough to sail starboardtack conditions in Tarifa the past month so I'm really looking forward to sail this new spot and compete in the event. I'll try my best and hope to be able to show what I learned in the last few weeks.

Maaike Huvermann Vice Freestyle worldchampion makes her first step into the wave scene.

Having a girls only event as the start of the season on such an amazing spot makes me very excited. I came to Morocco a week prior to the event because I hardly ever sailed in starboard tack wave conditions, so I needed some time to prepare. I've absolutely loved every minute of sailing this spot so far. I have used all of my sail sizes already with good waves every day. Really looking forward to competing here! Forecast looks firing for Wednesday with swell up to 4,5m so lets see what happens

Oda Johanna loves wave sailing starboard tack and flew home early from Bonaire to compete in Morocco:

It's a dream to have a competition on starboard tack, so I decided to book Morocco and do my first wave event! My goal is to push myself against the best wave sailors in the world and do a few party waves with Sarah-Quita! Main goal is to get out of comfort zone and improve my jumps. And have fun!! So Excited ! 

We wish all our teamriders the best of luck for their first PWA event of the season and are looking forward to see some amazing action!

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