Dieter and Rick look back on the last 2 EFPT's

Posted by Dieter on Sun, 11/11/2012 - 13:51

With the end of the last EFPT event beginning this week the international windsurfing competition season has definitely come to an end now. Dieter Van der Eyken and Rick Jendrusch teamed up by travelling together to the last 2 events of the EFPT tour climbing up the ladder of the overall to concur respectively a 2nd place and a 6th place overall with only competing in 2 events and the first ever EFPT event win for Dieter Van der Eyken. Read below what they both have to say about their performances and preparation for next year!



The past 2 weeks have been great, I had two really successful events scoring my first ever win on an EFPT event in front of Tonky Frans who got on the podium the last 2 events in the PWA which made the victory even feel better! In France I was using my smallest sail the Freek 3.6 for the first time and it just worked amazing for being such a small sail an event win can’t prove otherwise! In England the wind was only really good on the first day being between 18 and 30 knots making us switch the whole time between all our sail sizes sometimes even during the heats! In the first final against Davy Scheffers it was a really close decision in very light winds, but the perfect chacho in front of the judges made him win the first single. In the double the wind was even lighter and I was happy to keep my second place against Adam and had to settle for second as Davy sailed again a better heat as me during another pumping heat. Overall I’m happy with my second place in England as it was just enough to concur the 2nd place overall in the European ranking with only competing at the two last stops! Next year hopefully I can do one place higher and take the title!



In England it was really cold, the wind was between 18 and 30 knots, so we used all our sails! And it worked out well. I ended up on the 5th place in the Single to start with.
I was already really happy with that result after my 7th place in France what already was really good for me.

Than on the third day we were able to run the Double, I was really in good form and started on the 9th place. I sailed two really good heats first against Jeremy Pluss and later against Adrian Beholz. In my third heat I won against Andraz Zan and I was already on the 5th place again. Now it was serious and I needed to sail against the best UK windsurfer Andy “Bubble” Chambers, I was able to win that heat and I was very proud because I was on the 4th place. Than I lost against Adam Gavriel and he became third.  I was sailing 5 heats in a row this day, it was very hard because the wind was light and I was sailing the whole time on my Freek 5,2.

I’m really happy that I did this last two events of the EFPT, just with two events of the tour I’m still in the 6th place overall of the tour! For my first year on the EFPT I’m supper happy with my result and the 4th place is my best result for this season.  I’m sure that I am going to sail the whole tour next year and even improve my result!