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Posted on Fri 30th Nov 18

Lina Erpenstein enjoying every moment she gets to be on the water and behind the DJ boot.

Driven by curiosity she has found 2 passions that enable her to disconnect of the many choices there are in live and travel the world to meet people with similar mind sets.

She can look back... Read more

Posted on Sun 18th Nov 18

After almost a full year of traveling, coaching and sailing in all kind of different conditions it was time to catch up with Simon Bornhoft from Windwise to gives us a insight on how his first year on the Dyno boards went.

Simon Bornhoft's 2018 report:

Over the last year I’ve been... Read more

Posted on Mon 22nd Oct 18

A year to remember as Team Severne looks back on an excellent PWA competition season.

After 10 days of insane action on Sylt we can look back at one of the best years on tour by our teamriders. A massive effort that started in April with the first event victory in Morocco by Iballa Moreno... Read more

Posted on Fri 12th Oct 18

With the PWA competition season officially coming to an end last week we’re looking towards 2019 with some of the biggest news of the season.

We are proud to announce our partnership with the biggest windsurfing centre in the world, René Egli by Meliá in Fuerteventura.

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Posted on Mon 24th Sep 18

Jaeger Stone went back home for a few weeks to score some great conditions both at his home break in Geraldton, Coronation.

Mathias Moerman followed him with his drone in Coronation and came back with this little edit.

Seems like Jaeger is more than ready for PWA Windsurf World Cup... Read more

Posted on Thu 13th Sep 18

Lina Erpenstein wins her first big international event, check out the event report below!

Report from the IWT about the woman’s final:

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Posted on Fri 24th Aug 18

Throwback to some of the crazy Freestyle action at the PWA in Fuerteventura .

Congratulations to all of the winners and all of our team riders:

Freestyle Woman:

2nd place: Maaike Huvermann
3rd place: Oda Johanne

U15 PWA Worldchampion Lennart Neubauer
U20... Read more

Posted on Mon 23rd Jul 18

Philip Köster and Daida Moreno ones more King and Queen of Pozo.

The 30th  anniversary  of  the PWA Worldcup at Pozo Izquierdo and the first time ever equal price money for the woman made this event very special, even before the 2018 PWA Pozo had started. With a firing forecast of wind... Read more

Posted on Wed 4th Jul 18

There are two types of foiling – racing and freeride.  For racing there are dedicated sails to eke out the most performance and increase chances of winning.  But for freeride foiling, chances are you already have a rig that’s perfectly suited. 

For Racing, the HyperGlide has quickly... Read more

Posted on Thu 21st Jun 18

With another two events done on the PWA Worldtour , team Severne continues it’s excellent form taking home another 5 trophies and 2 event victories.

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Posted on Tue 19th Jun 18


Kiran Badloe claims another victory on the Hyperglide sails winning the famous round of Texel.

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Posted on Thu 31st May 18

Despite being on the road for nearly 9 months a year for competitions & training there is no place Amado Vrieswijk rather sails than home. With action from both Lac Bay and Klein Bonaire he shows he gots all the tricks in the bag to achieve his main goal, the Freestyle world title! Will this... Read more

Posted on Thu 24th May 18

With the 2 first PWA racing of the season finished in Asia our Slalom team can look back at a great start of the season!  

Matteo Iachino takes the lead in Slalom

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Posted on Tue 22nd May 18

Gunnar Asmussen and Damien Cervera can look back at a great week of racing during the IFCA European Championships in Sylt. Here is what they had to say about their first international event of the year.

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Posted on Mon 7th May 18

Matteo Iachino has put in a whole winter at the Office in TWS. Fine tuning his gear on the race course is his way to prepare for the season, he has put in all the work he could and now his ready to prove it on the race course! First up Japan 10 - 15th of May, follow it live on... Read more