No.  Heavier sails are heavier.

The cyclops is optimised to work with the new wave and freestyle sails, but it can be used on older sails.  Simply un-tie the loop and thread the rope through the pulleys like a standard extension. The cyclops still rigs quicker than a Wave Grenade as there are less pulleys.

SEVERNE offers an RDM cam conversion kit that is compatible with the TURBO and the OVERDRIVE.  This enables a rider to change the characteristics of their sail.

Using a wave mast will be more durable, allows access to sails with cams to riders that only have a wave mast and may increase the knuckle for speed off the wind when speed sailing.  As an RDM is usually softer, if the sail has a compatible mast option, it is advisable to use the longer option.

The first place to check is your retailer.  Battens are generally very easy to replace, especially with the new connection systems we use in SEVERNE sails.  If this is not an option, the distributor for your country will be able to help further.

We normally recommend sticking with 1 sail model.  The reason is that the geometry is different on the Blade and S-1, and it’s more difficult to get used to the different clew heights, etc.

The smaller sizes 3.7 – 6.5 will have better performance with an RDM.  It will soften the feel and promote durability.  The larger sizes 7.0 – 8.0 will perform better on an SDM.  The power delivery will be smoother and the profile more balanced.

It helps to make the sail more symmetrical in performance – instead of having one side of the sail with ALL the battens and NONE of them on the other, we have alternate them so there’s battens on BOTH sides. 

This stops one side of the sail being flatter than the other.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck and Steve Allen have been using these booms in PWA racing for the past 2 seasons. 

It allows for the deeper profile of the REFLEX without having to use a wider tail, which is heavier and can drag in the water.  It also keeps the rider very parallel to the sail and the extra width provides better leverage over wider boards.

Why would you put a Prius engine in a Ferrari?
All Severne sails are designed around Severne masts. 
It will deliver maximum performance.

During the testing and development phase of the FREEK, we tested many 4 batten versions.  They either had no ducking stability and acceptable lift or good ducking stability but no lift or explosive power (which is vital in all the new moves).  The 5 batten version had both.  Bucket loads of both.

One of the reasons to reduce the batten count is to reduce weight.  Extensive use of eM3 keeps the sail weight low and allows us to benefit from a 5 batten layout – super smooth power delivery, exceptional wind range, more shaping options, un matched balance and stability when ducking and during maneuvers. 

Try one.